Dr. Ben Dietrich

Dr. Dietrich is the owner and optometrist at Harrisville Eye Care.  He received his bachelors in Bio-Medical Science from Grand Valley State University and his Doctorate of Optometry at the Michigan College of Optometry.  He completed internships at both Indian Health Services in Tusla, Oklahoma, and at the VA Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan.  Dr. Dietrich has over 15 years of eyecare experience and manages ocular diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, complications from diabetes, stroke, and traumatic brain injuries.  

Dr. Dietrich enjoys working with patients from all walks of life and all ages (Infants included!).  In addition to comprehensive eye exams, Dr. Dietrich also specializes in vision therapy, vision rehabilitation, and low vision services.  

While out of the office, Dr. Dietrich enjoys biking, camping, and hiking with his wife Lauren and two boys Henry and Dexter. 

Dr. Dietrich is dedicated to the highest quality of care with an emphasis on individual needs. 

Paul- Office Manager and Lead Optician

Paul has been delivering high quality eyewear as well as service at Harrisville Eyecare for 15 years.  He is an expert in lens designs and treatments, always staying up to date on the newest technology to offer patients the best vision possible.  

When Paul is not in the office, he enjoys hiking, medieval history, and art.  Some of his artwork is even on display in the office!  Paul loves to share his knowledge of lenses and frames so please stop in or call with any questions.

Becky- Opthalmic Technician/Vision Therapist/and Billing Specialist

Becky is our “Jack of all trades” with a wide range of experience and clinical training.  She performs diagnostic testing such as visual field tests and retinal imaging.  She is also trained in vision therapy and works along side Dr. Dietrich to improve eye and brain communication in patients.  Finally, Becky is ready for any medical or vision insurance benefit questions you may have as she is also the billing specialist for Harrisville Eye Care.  

When out of the office Becky spends time with her two boys and the “bonus kids” they bring over.  She  loves antiquing and thrift shopping.  She also loves to fish, geocashe, bake and travel.  Her friendly approach to your care will ensure you have the best experience with visiting Harrisville Eye Care.

Sydney- Assistant Optician/ Optometric Technician

Sydney performs a majority of our pretesting and other diagnostic tests. She can also be found in our optical department designing high quality eyewear, adjusting frames, and making repairs.

When out of the office, Sydney enjoys reading novels and coming up with ideas to write her own one day. She has a passion for rescuing animals, including her own two cats (much to her partner’s consternation). Sydney also loves to travel and try new things. Especially food.

Paige - Patient Care Coordinator

Hello!  My Name is Paige and I am the receptionist here at Harrisville Eye Care.  I have lived in Michigan all my life and not really knowing what to do after high school, I applied here!  It’s truly been amazing working and learing so much about eye care and how important our eyes are to our health.  Harrisville Eye Care is really a wonderful place to work from the friendly environment in the office to the location of not being too far from the water!  When people say the perfect job dosen’t exist, they are wrong!  Thank you Harrisville Eyecare for hiring me and thank you for having me be your new receptionist.

Lauren- Optometric Technician

With over 11 years of optometry experience, Lauren has certifications by both the American Board of Opticianary as an Optician and the American Optometric Association as an Optometric Technician.  She works directly with Dr. Dietrich performing pretesting and other various diagnostic tests.  

When out of the office Lauren is busy with her and Dr. Dietrichs two young boys Henry and Dexter.  She is passionate about running and loves yoga, animals, hiking with the family, and spending time outside in nature.   Lauren is always ready to help with a cheerful and energetic attitude.