Neuro Vision Rehab

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation is an individualized treatment regimen for patients with visual disorders as a result from trauma or neurological insult such as a stroke. Neuro-optometric therapy is a process for the rehabilitation of visual / perceptual / motor disorders. It includes double vision, binocular dysfunction, convergence and/or accommodation disorders, oculomotor dysfunction, visual-spatial dysfunction, and visual perception

Patients with neuro visual dysfunction may have many different symptoms including:

· Blurred vision

· Double vision

· Unable to sustain near work or concentration for prolonged periods of time

· Loss of place while reading

· Poor comprehension

· Loss of balance

· Head turn or tilt

· Overwhelmed with visual motion i.e. driving

· Light sensitivity

· Dizziness

· A feeling of floor or ceiling moving

·Tired eyes while reading

· Headaches

· Difficulty changing focus